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The Zip it Case company was created by two  Expert Travel Agents with multiple sales, marketing and tourism diplomas. Latisha and Christina love to travel to Disney parks several times per year, as Annual Pass Holders, to live the Walt Disney dream. After purchasing many, many, MANY ears throughout the years they were inspired to create a product that would be useful to all Disney enthusiasts everywhere. While living that Disney dream, they were inspired... they believed in themselves, they believed in their idea, and they believed in the need and desire for a truly unique product... one that could help make every Disney trip more convenient, organized and stylish! And so, The Zip it Case was created, and now they're delighted to be able to offer you the ability to have one of your very own! 

Imagine this...

You have just entered the Disney Park, you have your new ears on and you're ready to take off to your favourite attraction. You're lining up and almost ready for boarding, you hear the announcement to "remove all head accessories and stow them away in a safe place" ,,, but you do not want to put your NEW ears on the floor and risk all the dirt and possible damage. With The Zip it Case, you can simply take your ears off, unzip your Zip it Case and stow your ears away safely. You are now ready for a safe, secure and magical ride! Once you have enjoyed your favourite attractions, you can unzip your Zip it Case and wear your undamaged ears on your way to your next adventure! You are able to continue wearing your Zip it Case throughout the day, while having a safe place to store all of your must have belongings. 

Want to customize your Zip it Case? You can showcase all of your favourite Disney, travel or hobby pins by attaching them to the straps. You can also customize the outside of the case with your favourite iron on patches or embroidery. With The Zip it Case, you can show off your own personality and style from the fancy ears it stores inside, to whatever you dream up for the case itself-Let your imagination run wild!

Latisha and Christina created The Zip it Case just for you! This product is fashionable, practical, durable and will be your new "must have" when visiting amusement parks!

Meet The Team: About Us
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Favourite Park Snack: Jack Jack Cookie

Favourite Character: Dumbo

Favourite Movie: Inside Out

I've been an AP holder for years and enjoy visiting the parks as frequently as possible! I have a 14 year old autistic son named Austyn, we enjoy travelling to the parks together to experience all the magic that Disney brings! I knew I needed to create a product to make our day to day park hopping experiences effortless and more enjoyable!



Favourite Park Snack: Churros

Favourite Character: Cinderella

Favourite Movie: Monsters Inc.

HI! I am an international travel agent and I LOVE Disney Parks! I send hundreds of clients off to various Disney properties every year to experience the magic. I wanted to create a useful product that would be used by Disney fans like me to keep their ears safe while travelling to, from and within the parks!

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Marketing Manager

Favourite Park Snack: Dole Whip

Favourite Character: Ariel

Favourite Movies: The Little Mermaid

Hi, I'm Amber! As a fellow International travel agent I met Latisha & Christina over 5 years ago. We instantly became friends, & my love for Disney has only grown more intense since experiencing the joys of travel & while working alongside them with The Zip it Case. I have been a massive Disney fan since I was little. I always believed  that I have magic in my blood, and still till this day believe I was meant to be born a witch or mermaid!

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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